Hi!  Welcome to my 100 baby challenge!  I hope you enjoy reading the story of our baby mama, Nikki Rodgers, as she attempts to have 100 babies, with each pregnancy having a different father.  The intro will be a bit of a “story” but I won’t really be writing this as a story, just as documentation of the challenge (maybe a little story here and there, but don’t expect too much of a plot).  I am looking for baby daddies, so if you have any custom sim men available for download that you would like me to use, please link to them in a comment!  I would especially love ghosts and vampires!  Feedback is welcome and encouraged, I love hearing from my readers!!  Have a look around, and I hope you enjoy the “story” 🙂

The story is also available here:


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The End

I apologize, but this story will no longer be continued.  The saved game was lost when switching to a new computer. Thanks to those who have read and enjoyed the story, I hope to begin a new 100 Baby Challenge at some point!  

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Chapter 39

As I’m sure you can imagine, life with seven toddlers gets a little crazy.


I manage to squeeze in time for teaching them their skills in between feedings, changing diapers, putting them to bed, letting them up, etc.  Of course, they’re all on different sleep schedules.  It can be very stressful at times…


Of course, there’s plenty of time for play at the house.  I may get a little stressed out at times, but I love all of them to death.  They’re all so adorable, and they’re all very happy toddlers.


I eventually got them all walking, talking, and potty trained.  After a long time of my life being absorbed with caring for and teaching them as toddlers, I was a little sad to see them grow up, but slightly relieved, as well.


Blaine (Eccentric) looks a lot like his daddy, but without the purple skin.


Amya (Unlucky) looks more like me, but with Maxim’s eyes…and I don’t know where the hair comes from.


Caira (Athletic) looks a lot like her father, but with my hair.


Keagon (Couch Potato) doesn’t look much like me or Maxim, other than having my eyes.


Jade (Absent-Minded) is a good mix of both of us, with my feature and Max’s coloring.


Daelynne (Shy) is a good mix of me and Maxim, with his skin and my hair and eyes, and a mix of our facial features.


Bailee (Insane) doesn’t look much like either of us, except for Maxim’s hair, and I’ve no idea where she gets those beautiful purple eyes from!

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Chapter 38

Alone in my quiet house, I immediately began to panic.  Where were my babies?  I was slightly disoriented from what, judging by the morning sun outside, had been a long bout of unconsciousness.  I got to my feet unsteadily and immediately noticed the paper sitting on the coffee table.  I picked it up and began to breathe again.

My dearest Nikki,

I am so very sorry that I could not be there when you awoke.  I had to go to work, and you looked so beautiful sleeping, I could not wake you.  I am sure you are worried, but do not fret.  Our children are settled peacefully into their rooms downstairs.  They are beautiful, and I want to thank you so very much for bringing them into this world.  I know that I may not see you or them often, but I love all of them very much.  I would like to be a part of their lives as they age if that is possible.  However, I do not know how you conduct your challenge once the children have been born, and I don’t wish to make you uncomfortable.  If you would like me around for them, please contact me.  Do not feel pressured to keep in contact, though, as I am sure you will have your hands full.  I will not tell you how to raise our children, because you have much more experience with that than I do. 

Best wishes always,


P.S.  I did not realize how very fertile I am.  I hope this many toddlers is not too much for you to handle.  I know you are a great mother, though, and I am confident that you will raise them very well.

I was washed with relief as I finished reading Maxim’s note.  My children were safe, asleep downstairs.  I laughed slightly at Maxim’s frets that I would be unable to handle the children.  I had taken care of triplets many times before.


I went down to the girls room and found three beautiful little toddlers sound asleep in their cribs.  I stared down at my lovely children, content.  As I turned to leave the room though, part of Max’s note replayed in my head, “Our children are settled peacefully into their rooms downstairs.”  He’d said “rooms.”  Plural.  I also looked at my little girl sleeping in her crib closest the door, the one who had Maxim’s hair, and noticed a number scribbled on a piece of paper in her crib. “5.”  I checked the other two cribs, and found paper in them, as well. A “2” was in the crib of the little girl with black hair, and a “6” with the blonde.  Apprehensive, I headed toward the other room.  Nothing could have prepared me when I opened the door.


There were four more toddlers there, all soundly asleep, and numbered as well, 1, 3, 4, and 7.  I had given birth to seven children.  No wonder Max was concerned that I may have my hands full.  I had little time to think about it though, as they began to stir and wake up.  Let the adventure begin.


The first-born, Blaine (Absent-Minded, Artistic).


Second, Amya (Artistic, Heavy Sleeper).


Third, Caira (Eccentric, Slob).  (Pronounced Kyra)


Fourth, Keagon (Easily Impressed, Friendly)


Fifth, Jade (Artistic, Virtuoso).


Sixth, Daelynne (Brave, Clumsy).


Seventh, Bailee (Heavy Sleeper, Virtuoso), my 50th child.

Seven children.  All unique. All beautiful. All mine.

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Chapter 37

Before long, it was birthday time at my house once again.


Leah (Adventurous) continues to take after her father in facial structure.


Noah (Slob) also still looks quite a bit like Christopher.


Mykaela (Snob), however, still looks just like me (and so many of her siblings).


Kelli (Green Thumb) grew into a beautiful teenager.


Nick (Rebellious) also became a teenager.


Finally, Kendall (Can’t Stand Art) became a young adult and decided he wants to become a Master Mixologist.


I decided to go visit Payten, who had recently given birth to her first child.


I tickled little Jeremie, who looks just like his father, Mikah Hespepo.  If you remember, Mikah is Malekai and Emma’s father, making Jeremie their little brother.  Jeremie did inherit Payten’s eyes, though.


I also went to Natalie’s to meet her son, Hassan, who inherited her beautiful eyes.


Time flew by quickly, and before I knew it, it was birthday time at my house once again.  Leah (Vegetarian) is quite pretty.


Noah (Nurturing) is handsome, though his eyes are a bit squinty.


Mykaela (Clumsy) is also quite good-looking.


Nick (Loner) became a young adult and decided he wants to be a Firefighter Super Hero.


Kelli (Savvy Sculptor) grew into a gorgeous young woman who wants to become a Monster Maker.


I got a call from Jericho, telling me he had a surprise for me.  When I showed up, I discovered that he and my daughter, Trinity, had a little baby girl they named Crissy.


That wasn’t my surprise, however.  He wanted to introduce me to his new roommate, Maxim Tustesu, who was willing to contribute to my challenge.


I returned to the house a few days later, sporting my maternity wear, to visit Crissy, who had become a toddler.


I also learned that Trinity and Jericho were expecting their second child.


I ran into Maxim, who excitedly felt my expanding stomach.


When I got home, it was time for my triplets to age up.  Noah (No Sense of Humor) wants to be a Jack of All Trades.


Leah (Hopeless Romantic) plans to become a great explorer.


Mykaela (Good) hopes to become the next Fashion Phenomenon.

After the triplets had moved out, I was surprised with a knock at my door.  I opened it to find Maxim, who insisted he wanted to be present for the birth.  I agreed to let him stay.


Max happily felt my tummy.  “They’ll be ready to come out soon,” he told me confidently.  “They?” I questioned, “What makes you think it’s more than one?”  “I can feel them,” he told me, “there is definitely more than one baby.”  I smiled, unconcerned.  I’d had many sets of multiples already.  Before long, the pain of labor hit me.  This pain was different, though…must more intense than I’d ever experienced before.  The labor became so intense that I blacked out, and woke up hours later lying on the couch alone, neither Max nor my babies anywhere in sight.

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Chapter 36

I’ve been in a bit of a blissful state lately…raising babies and seeing my grandkids and living out what seems to be the perfect life for me.  I haven’t faced any real tragedy in quite some time, but apparently the old cliché that all good things must come to an end holds some truth.  Not that my life has taken a horrible turn, just enough to bring me back to Earth.  With the potions I’ve taken to keep myself young, I’d almost forgotten that not everyone was blessed with this eternal youth.  However, I was brutally reminded of the mortality of those I love when I received a call informing me that Xenia had passed on.


I instantly went to visit my grandkids.  Janis, who is barely had the chance to get to know her mother, was not too upset.  It was the first time I’ve met her, and she seemed excited to meet someone new.  She has Chet’s hair and eyes, but her mother’s face.


Willis, who is nearing his birthday and was very close to his mom, was much more emotional about his loss.  He isn’t old enough to understand death, but he knows something is wrong and he desperately longs for his mama.  I couldn’t give him what he wanted most but I held him close, letting him cry himself to sleep in my arms.


Nick was waiting by the door for me when I got home.  Toddlers have an uncanny ability to sense when something is wrong, and an even stronger intuition about what to do. I scooped him up in my arms, and he did the one thing that could have made me feel better…leaned up to my ear and whispered “I love you, Momma.”


The next day was time for birthdays.  Kendall (Frugal) grew up to be a handsome teenager.


Nick (Athletic) became old enough to start school.


Kelli also grew old enough to start school (Easily Impressed).


Gage decided to go out fishing.


Griffin, meanwhile, stayed inside and experimented with his chemistry set.  It’s just like old times, with Gage preferring to be active outdoors and Griffin staying inside and keeping his mind active.


Kendall enjoyed playing on the slip and slide out back.


Nick and Kelli had some twin bonding time playing tag in the backyard.


It was then time for the vampire twins to grow up.  Griffin (Vegetarian) decided he wants to become an international super spy.


Gage (Loves the Outdoors) cropped his long hair short and enrolled in the military with dreams of becoming and astronaut.


Before long, I was struck by the all-too-familiar pains of labor.


I welcomed little Mykaela (Eccentric, Artistic) to the world.  She looks just like me, but with her daddy’s darker blue eyes.


After Mykaela came Noah (Friendly, Insane), who looks a lot more like Christopher, but with my coloring.


And finally, I welcomed Leah (Disciplined, Loves the Outdoors), who also looks a lot like her dad, but with my blonde hair.

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Chapter 35


When Jericho told me he’d help out with my baby challenge, I didn’t realize he meant in more ways than one.  I was pleasantly surprised the morning after Kendall’s birth to find a handsome man named Drew outside my house.  He is another of Jericho’s roommates, whom Jer sent over to contribute to my challenge.


We decided the treehouse would be useful for our purpose.


When the kids got home from school, it was birthday time once again.  Chase (Commitment Issues) decided he wants to be a Master Romancer.  Oh, boy…


During the middle of the birthday celebrations, I had to run to the toilet.


Kendall was playing happily in the toybox, so I decided to leave him there and let him play while his big brother grew up.


Griffin (Lucky) became a teen.


Gage (Commitment Issues) also became a teen.


The boys took care of Kendall that night while I went over to visit Landon and meet my new granddaughter, Desi.


Before long, it was time for Kendall (Clumsy) to start school.


On Kendall’s first day of school, right after my teens all got home on the bus from high school, I went into labor.  Luckily, Kendall wasn’t there to see it.  If my teenagers were freaking this much, I hate to see what my child would do!  The labor was as painful as ever, but I couldn’t help laughing a bit at how much the kids were panicking.


I soon welcomed Nick (Brave, Disciplined) into the world.


I also welcomed his twin sister, Kelli (Eccentric, Clumsy).


Then it was time for another set of twins to age up.  Orlando (Dislikes Children) aged up and wants to live the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.


Fae (Unflirty) wants to be a Tinkerer.


Gage worked on teaching Nick to talk.


With the older kids taking care of the younger ones, I went back to Jericho’s house and met another of his roommates, _arran_0x’s Christopher Borcelli.

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Chapter 34


When I got home from Jericho’s, three of my teenagers were cooking.  Why on Earth would they all be doing that?


Well, for a party, of course!  They had surprised me by inviting over their siblings!  It was great to spend some time with my children and grandchildren in one place.


While talking to Landon’s new wife, Sherry, I learned they were expecting, and happily gave the worried young woman some advice on parenting.


I gave Landon a hug and told him how proud I was of him.


Pierce and Emmett jammed out together downstairs.


After everyone left and I was getting ready for bed, I found myself on the floor in front of the toilet, an affirmation that my fun with Jericho had been productive.


Pierce was quite talented, and loved playing any musical instrument.


Chase adored his younger siblings.


Before long, it was time for my youngest twins to grow up.


Griffin (Genius) looks quite a bit like me.


Gage (Eccentric) continues to resemble his father.


While the kids were at school the next day, I went to visit Xenia and congratulate her on her new pregnancy.


I also spent some time with my grandson, Willis.  Xenia married Chet, Chase’s father, making Willis and the new baby Chase’s half siblings.  Willis, unlike Chase, inherited Chet’s stunning pink eyes.


Of course, being a mother isn’t all about spending time with my kids and grandkids.  After leaving Xenia’s, I did some housework until the kids got home.


It was birthday time once again.  Pierce (Ambitous) grew up to be quite handsome and wants to become a Hit Movie Composer.


Payten’s (Vehicle Enthusiast) wild streak wasn’t just a streak, apparently.  She kept her mohawk and decided to become a Great Explorer.


Gage enjoyed playing outside on the playground.


Griffin, on the other hand, enjoyed sharpening his mind via online chess.


I was soon struck by a pain that told me it was time to welcome Jericho’s baby into the world.


Kendall (Insane, Light Sleeper) did not inherit any of his father’s coloring.  He looks quite a bit like me, though I’m unsure where his brown eyes come from.

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